Hose-Proof Hood
FFH 086 | Type 4/4X (IP56)

  • Increase of protection class
  • Easy to clean
  • Filter mat change from outside
  • Impact-resistant, robust
  • Safe against unauthorized removal
  • Weather resistant
  • Versatile
  • Protective gridand UV resistant

The hose-proof hood is designed to increase the protection class and serves as a protective cover for filter fans, intake and exit filters, e.g. for the series FPI 018, FPO 018 and FF 018. It is used for protection against water projected by a hose and extreme climatic influences if located outdoors or in industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions. In order to clean the filter fans or to change the filter mat, the hood can easily be removed, the cabinet does not need to be opened (safety risk).

Material hoodstainless steel
Material sealingsilicone, food safe
Protection type UL/NEMAUL Type 4/4X1 / NEMA Type 4/4X1
Protection typeIP561
ApprovalsUL File No. E234324, EAC

1 When used with STEGO filter fans FPI/FPO 018 and FF 018 and when seal is tightly fitted.

Hose-Proof Hood FFH 086

Part No.Cutout if used for FF 018Cutout if used for FPI/FPO 018Dimensions L x B x HMax. covered area (X x Y)Weight (approx.)
08670.0-003.81 x 3.81"3.62 x 3.62"8.42 x 7.67 x 1.88"5.62 x 5.11"1.76 lbs.
08671.0-004.92 x 4.92"4.88 x 4.88"10.98 x 8.85 x 2.28"6.81 x 6.29"2.64 lbs.
08672.0-006.92 x 6.92"6.92 x 6.92"14.13 x 11.57 x 2.67"9.25 x 8.58"4.40 lbs.
08673.0-009.84 x 9.84"8.77 x 8.77" 16.33 x 14.52 x 3.07" 11.41 x 11.25"6.17 lbs.
08674.0-00N/A²11.45 x 11.45"19.09 x 16.10 x 4.05"13.38 x 12.83"8.15 lbs.

² FF018 does not exist in this size

Technical Drawing

Hose-Proof Hood FFH 086