PTC Fan Heater
CR 027| up to 650 W

  • Compact size
  • Flat design
  • Built-in overheat protection
  • Twist clip or screw mountable

The semiconductor CR 027 fan heater prevents the formation of condensation and ensures an even temperature in enclosures. The integrated thermostat is used to set the desired temperature while the high performance axial fan provides forced air circulation. The CR 027 is also available with a continuously running fan (when powered).

Technical Data

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Heating elementPTC resistor, temperature limiting
Overheat protectionbuilt-in temperature limiter
Axial fan, ball bearingservice life 50,000 h at 77 °F (25 °C)
Air flow, free blowingsee table below
Connection2-pole terminal AWG 14 max. (2.5 mm²), torque 0.8 Nm max.
Housingplastic, UL 94V-0, light grey
Function control lightLED
Mountingclip for 35 mm DIN rail, EN 60715
Mounting positionvertical airflow (air outlet up)
Operating / Storage temperature-49 to +158 °F (-45 to +70 °C)
Operating / Storage humiditymax. 90 %RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions6.5 x 3.94 x 5.0” (165 x 100 x 128 mm)
Protection class / Protection typeII (double insulated) / IP20
ApprovalsUL File No. E204590, VDE, EAC

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Part No.Heating capacity¹ (@ 50 Hz)Heating capacity¹ (@ 60 Hz)Operating voltageMax. current (inrush)Recommended
pre-fuse T (time-delay)
Air flow, free blowingThermostat setting range²Weight (approx.)
02700.0-00475 W550 WAC 220-240 V11.0 A10.0 A20 cfm (35 m³/h)0 to 60 °C2.0 lbs (0.9 kg )
02700.9-00400 W550 WAC 100-120 V14.0 A10.0 A20 cfm (35 m³/h)32 to 140 °F2.0 lbs (0.9 kg )
02701.0-00550 W650 WAC 220-240 V13.0 A10.0 A26 cfm (45 m³/h)0 to 60 °C2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
02701.9-00510 W650 WAC 100-120 V15.0 A10.0 A26 cfm (45 m³/h)32 to 140 °F2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)

¹ at 68 °F (20 °C) ambient temperature; ² Switch temperature difference 7K (±4K tolerance)

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Dimensioned Drawing

PTC Fan Heater CR 027

Wiring note: Only connect the L and N1 terminals - N2 is not used and grounding is not required.

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