PTC Heater
RC 016 | 8 W, 10 W, 13 W

  • Compact size
  • Wide voltage range
  • Heating power adjusts to ambient temperature
  • Energy saving

The RC 016 small heaters are designed to prevent condensation and to ensure a minimum operating temperature in small enclosures. They are suitable for permanent operation.

Operating voltagesee table below
Heating elementPTC resistor, temperature limiting
Heater bodyaluminum, anodized
InsulationPTFE / Kapton
Mountingscrew (mounting screws not included)
Mounting positionvariable
Operating / Storage temperature-49 to +158 °F (-45 to +70 °C)
Operating / Storage humiditymax. 90 %RH (non-condensing)
Protection class / Protection typeII (double insulated) / IP54

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Part No.Heating capacity¹Operating voltage²Max. current (inrush)Recommended
pre-fuse T (time-delay)
Surface temperature (approx.)¹Weight (approx.)Approvals
01602.0-008 WAC/DC 120-240 V2.0 A2.0 A302 °F (150 °C)0.7 oz. (20 g)UL File No. E234324VDEEAC
01609.0-0010 WAC/DC 120-240 V2.5 A4.0 A311 °F (155 °C)1.0 oz. (28 g)UL File No. E234324VDEEAC
01610.0-0013 WAC/DC 120-240 V3.0 A4.0 A338 °F (170 °C)1.2 oz. (34 g)UL File No. E234324VDEEAC

¹ at 68°F (20°C) ambient temperature; ² operating high voltage heaters below AC/DC 140V reduces heating performance by approx. 10% (min. 110V, max 265V).

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Dimensioned Drawing

PTC Heater RC 016

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