Condition Monitoring (CM) takes an important part in predictive maintenance of systems and machines, among others in most of todays industrial control panels and enclosures as well as in a large variety of applications involving process management of any sort.  Condition Monitoring hereby provides tools to identify and remedy developing problems that may otherwise potentially lead to failures or complete stand-stills.  Basis for this is a continuous or regular data collection of relevant parameters. Devices like so-called Smart Sensors gather i.e. temperature and humidity data and convert these into analog or digital outputs.


More than just a
Climate Sensor

The new Smart Sensor CSS 014 is not only a climate or temperature/humidity sensor, it also combines three functions in one: sensor, interface and transmitter.  At the heart of the device is a small-sized complex, intelligent sensor based on the latest microtechnology and microsystem standards.

Specializing in thermal management, we have decided to initially provide a smart sensor for temperature and humidity monitoring.  The temperature measuring range of -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F) can be altered, if needed.  The humidity measuring range of 0 to 100% rH already covers a sufficiently large range.  Functionality of the Smart Sensor can theoretically be expanded to analyze data such as dew point, air-flow, dust contamination or gases.  The individually captured data gets converted into a useable electrical signal. The CSS 014 offers an industry-standard 4-20mA analog signal. Another common standard would for example be the digital IO-Link.

Data gets transmitted via sensor cable or wirelessly through a control terminal or monitoring unit, also allowing the CSS 014 Smart Sensor to be used for remote monitoring.  Captured data can then be protocolled or further measures be defined and implemented.  Functionality of the CSS 014 Smart Sensor herewith goes beyond just measuring of temperature/humidity.  Another advantage is that installation is possible not just inside enclosures, but also in other applications with suitable atmospheric conditions.